Who We Are

Melissa is a working mother, living a quiet and simple life in rural Virginia with her husband and teenage daughter.  She enjoys reading, writing, coffee, and chocolate. She has served on the women's ministry team and as a Sunday School teacher in her local church. She blogs at One Quiet Life.

Rebecca lives up north in the Yukon, one of Canada's territories. In the summer, she gardens; in the winter, she sits by the fire doing jigsaw puzzles or reading huge books of theology. She enjoys her three grandbabies all year round. Rebecca is a choir member and librarian in a Baptist church. She has been blogging since January 2004 at Rebecca Writes.

Kim lives in southern Ontario, Canada.  She has been married to Neil for 29 years, and has three adult children. Now that the nest has emptied, she has begun attending seminary. In her local church, she serves as a teacher to women. Kim also enjoys reading, knitting, and taking pictures. She has been blogging since 2005 at The Upward Call.

Persis is a single, working, former homeschooling mom who lives in Southeastern Virginia. She is a bookworm with a fondness for dead theologians, a tea drinker, and a fabric collector. After years of misguided assumptions, she desires to see and live life through the gospel. Persis loves her local church, where she helps out with the library, women's ministry, and music. You can find her at Tried With Fire.

Staci lives in Southeast Missouri. She and her husband Todd are the parents of three children. In their local church, Todd serves as an elder while Staci teaches Sunday School and serves in the library and nursery. She is the author of The Organized Heart, blogs at Writing and Living, and tweets at @WritingLiving. She also helps behind the scenes with social media and marketing for Cruciform Press. When she's not writing or driving her kids somewhere, she enjoys reading, jogging very slowly, and rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Lisa lives a very ordinary life in Alabama with her husband, four sons, and dog. Passionate for women to know the gospel grace that is found in Jesus Christ, Lisa teaches Bible study, volunteers at the crisis pregnancy center, and serves her local church. A few of her favorite things include coffee, chocolate, and a good book and the best sorts of days find her on her back porch enjoying all three. The occasional chronicle of Lisa's confessions and conundrums can be found at her blog Lisa writes...

Diane  lives in Northern Nevada.  She has been married to Robert for 42 years and they have three children and six grandchildren.    She  has taught women's Bible studies and would love to see  more women engaged in studying the deeper truths of  God's marvelous Word.   She likes church history, blogs at Theology for Girls,  and prefers her coffee strong.